Munson Family

Whenever I sit down to edit one of my sessions, I always start out with paring down the session to the images that I like the best. There are obvious ones to toss like those with people blinking or not looking at the camera. Then I toss all the duplicates that I get when I rapid fire when shooting kids. And then there are other shots that I toss because they don’t seem to fit the personality of the person or they don’t fit with the overall feel of the shoot.

This shoot with the Munson Family left me with SO MANY IMAGES to choose from! I really couldn’t help myself and ended up editing way more than I normally do because this family is just way too gorgeous and these girls gave me so much to work with!

Presley and Reagan are so sweet with each other. Little Reagan made me WORK for it to get her to smile, but it was like pure sunshine when she did! They are not only beautiful (check out those amazing blue eyes!) but they’re such sweet little girls. And Tiffany and Cameron are awesome, super chill parents (hence the fantastic kids!). Love getting to see this family every year!

Thanks Munson Family!!!

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Swanson Family

Getting to do shoots with your closest friends is the coolest thing ever. My kids come to hang with their kids and every year we capture the four of them together (just yet another reminder for Nicki and I of how fast time is going with these kids). The shoots are ridiculously laid back which makes for a crazy fun shoot and, even better, really relaxed subjects! And of course they bring their sweet Molly who is a champ with the poses!

I can’t say enough about this family. They are truly my favorite people. And they are our family.

Thanks Swanson Family! Love you so much!!! xoxoxoxoxo

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Lochner Family

So I need to make this clear…. if you’re wondering if you can bring your dog on your shoot with me my answer is… YES!  I love dogs… did I mention I love dogs?  I mean what’s not to love… they’re lovable, fluffy, goofy and they love their people more than they love themselves. And those faces! Did I mention I love dogs? 🙂  At the end of the day people are more relaxed and chill when dogs are around which is exactly how you want people to be when they’re getting their pictures taken.

On this shoot I got to meet Milo, the Lochner’s newest family member. He is AWESOME. He’s a big, goofy ball of puppy fluff in the best way possible. And boy did he make this shoot fun!

And Milo fits in perfectly with the Lochner family – they are awesome, fun people.  And how good looking is this family?

Thanks Lochner Family!!

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Christopoulos Family

I grew up in a family of four kids. And I had four cousins. Some of my best memories are of the eight of us getting together to play games, play football and other fun things. I only realized recently that there are hardly any photos from those gatherings or of the eight of us together. No idea why my parents and uncle never thought to take more pictures.  This is one of many reasons why I love taking pictures of extended families. There’s a warmth and awesome vibe when cousins are together.

This shoot was of five cousins… Julianna, Nina and Sia from one family and George and Chris from the other. And then of course there was Dixie, the adorable and sweet puppy. We, unfortunately, didn’t get much sun at all that day but we captured some great shots of the five of them together! Hopefully they will look back on these photos and smile 🙂

Thanks Christopoulos Family!

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The Petrie Family

Over the last few years I’ve been on the hunt for new locations. Not an easy task in Orange County where nearly every single location requires some sort of permit (I’m looking at you Laguna Beach). I, of course, hold an annual permit that allows me to shoot at some really cool places around the county. The permit isn’t cheap, but I feel like it’s worth it to a) support my local parks and beaches and b) to not get kicked out of a location while with paying clients (talk about embarrassing). But for some reason my clients always request this location. And with good reason. The light is magical and the location is gorgeous. If you go there in the fall you will also see that every other photographer in Orange County is there too. Not just because it’s so beautiful, but also because it’s FREE. So thank you Irvine for not pushing out photographers like so many other cities have. Every city needs hold back some free spaces and to adopt some reasonable accommodations to allow photographers and small business to thrive.

As for this shoot, it was just another fantastic shoot of a GORGEOUS family in a GORGEOUS location. Even better is that they are our longtime friends and my longtime clients…which ends up leading to a super chill, relaxing and fun shoot for everyone. The Petrie family was one of my very first clients years ago and I’ve been fortunate enough to have shot their family several times over the years.

This is a family that really has it figured out. Wonderful parents… awesome kids that you KNOW are going to do amazing things as they get older. Can’t say enough about how much I adore all of them!

Thanks Petrie Family! xoxoxo!

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