Camille’s Senior Photos – Orange County Senior Portraits

In so many ways, documenting our children’s lives has become second nature. The first smile, the first steps, the birthdays, the first days of school… making sure we had proof of these milestones was a priority.

So many of these big moments are packed into their first years. When they are babies, toddlers, youngsters. When it was easy. When they were little. When they were still all “ours”.

But as they grow, it feels like so much of it is trying to play catch up. Capturing those moments almost seems like a race against time. Every day, right in front of you, you are witnessing the passage of time. These once small little humans are now growing at an incredible pace almost taunting you as a parent to catch them if you can.

I see it everyday in my own children. At 12 and 10 it has started. I see them slowly becoming more independent. I’m witnessing small glimpses of who they will become as adults. And capturing images of them at this age feels different. Because it’s capturing not only who they are today, but a little of who they used to be and some of who they will become.

This young woman is my beautiful niece, Camille. I have watched this incredible person grow through the years from her birth to now. In so many ways it doesn’t seem real that the adorable little girl with the sideways smile and sparkle in her eyes could actually be a college freshman at UC Berkeley. How can the little girl with the quirky sense of humor and big, big heart become a teenager with the best puns possible. :-).

I’m so proud of my beautiful niece… for all that she is and for all I know she will become. And I am so honored to be the one to capture this perfect time in her life.

I love you my Camillie!!! Go get ‘em at Berkeley!!!



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Matt’s Senior Photos (Orange County Senior Portrait Photographer)

Photographing graduating seniors is such a fun job… They are at the tail-end of what’s been a long year of finishing the last bits of high school and preparing for their future college endeavors. Usually around the time I get to shoot them they are relaxed, happy and ready to move on to their next exciting chapter.

Matt was one of those relaxed and easy-going seniors. He is also, by the way, one of the brightest, politest, most put-together kids I’ve met in a really long time. He is also incredibly photogenic (hello – check out those eyes!). He is just one of those teenagers that makes you feel like our future is in good hands with him in it!

Matt is attending USC Film School in the fall (which is an incredible accomplishment by itself). I know he is headed for great things!

Thanks Matt! Best of luck!!!


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Munson Family – Newport Beach Family Photographer

This was one of those sessions that took me awhile to blog because I couldn’t for the life of me choose which photos to post – there were just too many to choose from!

You may recognize this family from the blog last year when I posted images from the adorable Presley’s 1st birthday party ( I can’t believe one year went by so quickly!). Presley is this little bundle of pure awesomeness… she has this personality that just radiates which, of course, makes her pure joy to shoot. She can be pretty stingy with her smiles, but when she does it can literally light up a room.

Cameron and Tiffany are really laid-back, chill people which made the Balboa Fun Zone such a great choice for them… not only did Cameron hang out there as a teenager (which made it a place with some significance for them), but the overall vibe just fit their family so well.

This definitely makes my list of one of my favorite “family-of-three” shoots! So much love and so much fun!

Thanks Munson Family!!!




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Demsher/Hove Families – Irvine Family Photographer

One of the best parts of my job is meeting new families and getting a glimpse into their lives. This shoot was especially awesome since it was to honor and capture parents that were celebrating their 55th wedding anniversary. It was so fun getting to watch three generations of a family have a great time together.

It was great seeing the adult “kids” interact, to watch the grandchildren have a blast together and to see the grandparents taking it all in. There were 17 people in all which could have been a challenge, but this family made my job easy.:-)

Thanks so much, Demsher & Hove families! It was an honor to be a part of your fun event!




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Hunt Family – Irvine Family Photographer

This shoot was one of my last for the holiday season, and boy did we get lucky with the weather. It really could not have been a more perfect day. It was warm with gorgeous sunlight – not bad for Thanksgiving weekend (thank you Southern California weather!).

These girls were so fun to shoot – the littlest, Elena, is just so full of life and is crazy photogenic (check out the first photo!), and Isabel is just beautiful and sweet with the longest eyelashes I think I’ve ever seen in my life! Such a beautiful family with so much love.

Thanks Hunt Family!


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