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I survived the 2010 Orange County Tornado!

Tweet So those who know me well, know that I was born and raised in Michigan. And there is something really funny about people that were born and raised in Michigan — we think of ourselves as bad-ass. I’m not sure where it comes from. Maybe it’s the 40 below winters, having to put up […]

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my name is Jen and I’m a control freak….

Tweet So, I’ve been working furiously on my portfolio site for days. It helps that I’m stuck at home with a sick kid (…and before you feel too sorry for her, it’s one of those things where she has a 100 degree fever and feels FINE, but I can’t send her to school due to […]

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Happy New Years!

Tweet So this is the first year in like…. EVER…. that I didn’t make one single New Year’s Resolution. Not one. Not even the classic, “I’m going to start eating healthier”, or “I’m going to start exercising”…. or even better yet, the old, “I’m going to stop reading People Magazine and instead funnel that money […]

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