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Lochner Family

Tweet So I need to make this clear…. if you’re wondering if you can bring your dog on your shoot with me my answer is… YES!  I love dogs… did I mention I love dogs?  I mean what’s not to love… they’re lovable, fluffy, goofy and they love their people more than they love themselves. […]

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Christopoulos Family

Tweet I grew up in a family of four kids. And I had four cousins. Some of my best memories are of the eight of us getting together to play games, play football and other fun things. I only realized recently that there are hardly any photos from those gatherings or of the eight of […]

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The Petrie Family

Tweet Over the last few years I’ve been on the hunt for new locations. Not an easy task in Orange County where nearly every single location requires some sort of permit (I’m looking at you Laguna Beach). I, of course, hold an annual permit that allows me to shoot at some really cool places around […]

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