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My Family!

Tweet So every year I say that I will do my own family photo shoot early in the Fall. And every year I say that my husband and I will be in the pictures, too. It’s not that hard, really. I can use a remote shutter release, or my friend Nicki can help. Or I […]

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Munson Family

Tweet Whenever I sit down to edit one of my sessions, I always start out with paring down the session to the images that I like the best. There are obvious ones to toss like those with people blinking or not looking at the camera. Then I toss all the duplicates that I get when […]

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Swanson Family

Tweet Getting to do shoots with your closest friends is the coolest thing ever. My kids come to hang with their kids and every year we capture the four of them together (just yet another reminder for Nicki and I of how fast time is going with these kids). The shoots are ridiculously laid back […]

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