Baby Caden – Orange County Newborn Photography

What is it that they say? Life begins at the end of your comfort zone?

I don’t typically shoot newborns. It’s a pretty specialized area of photography and there are many photographers who do it really well. They have studios, the props, the hats, the slings, the pillows, the poses. And since I’m a natural light, lifestyle photographer it’s not something that I’ve ever been asked to do. Until now.

Jeff is a long-time friend from AGES ago when I used to work in advertising (man that was a fun time…). He contacted me after the birth of his son Caden and I recommended some local newborn photographers I respect. But after thinking about it, both Jeff and Candace decided they really wanted a casual, lifestyle-driven shoot in their home with Caden and not the typical posed newborn thing.

I’m so glad I said yes. This shoot was a blast. What an awesome thing to be invited into someone’s home during such a special time to witness the beginning of their new family life. It was an honor. And I enjoyed every minute of it!

Thanks Jeff, Candace and Caden! You make a beautiful family!


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