For the love of Syd

Yesterday I had little girls. You know… little girls who love their Mama, who play with Polly Pockets, who still want to snuggle with me, and most importantly…. little girls who think that the only boy who is not kind of gross is their dad.

Apparently we have entered a time warp — you know, one of those creepy flash-forward ones that you see on Lost where the bad guy is really the good guy except he’s now dead but not in real life.

A couple of days ago, my 8 year old literally JUMPED into the minivan after school, flushed, beaming, her blond hair blown all over the place from the 100 meter dash she did in 4.8 seconds to the car. This was our conversation in a nutshell:

Syd: “MOM… I had the BEST day EVER!!!”

Me: “That’s great, baby! What happened?”

Syd: “Kenton loves me!”

Me: “Um… I thought Jeffrey loved you.”

Syd: “Maaaam! They BOTH love me!”

Me: “Oh, okay, love. That’s great. And of course people are going to love you… you are a wonderful girl with a big heart.” (How do you like THAT parenting, people? CLASSIC! I was patting myself on the back for DAYS after pulling that one out…)

Syd: “Mom. You don’t get it. Kenton had to draw a picture of someone he loved. And he drew a picture of ME. ME!!!! And then, Oh My God, Jeffrey saw the picture, and he said, I don’t like that picture, she’s prettier than that, and then Kenton told me he really DOES like me the most, and then Jeffrey looked sad, but he was really nice to me all day, and then I asked Gracie if she likes Ben and she didn’t answer but her cheeks got red hot and then she asked me if her cheeks were red hot and I said yes and then she asked me if I liked Kenton and then MY cheeks got red hot and then we both stood there with our hands on our cheeks laughing HYSTERICALLY because we wouldn’t SAY who we liked but we both KNEW who we liked and then Kenton walked by and smiled at me because he OF COURSE loves me……”

Me: <——-this is where you picture me speechless, looking at my daughter in the rear-view mirror telling me this story while waving goodbye like a prom-queen out the window to her many royal subjects and the apparent GAGGLE of male admirers vying for her attention.


And this story has since been repeated to Grandma, her piano teacher, and the checkout girl at Target. She really needs to think about coming out of her shell.

My husband isn’t at all happy about this turn of events. It was bad enough when it was just Jeffrey he had to contend with. But now Kenton? I mean… what are this kid’s intentions? What does he plan to do with the rest of his life? Has he picked a college? Does he like Obama? Is he for UCLA or USC? I mean… DUDE. You need to back up your play, brother!

To get our collective minds off of Sydney’s love life, we went to a new park that opened up on Sunday. This park ROCKS. The cool thing is that they kept some of the original lemon trees that were in the space before they began building. I told Syd that I wanted to bring my camera, and she decided she would bring her’s too. And not only that, she brought her “camera bag” and made sure she wore it exactly like I wear my Shootsac. I love that she wants to be a photographer like her Mama (and of course her good friend, Miss Drew!).

We spent the afternoon walking through the park, me trying to teach her about light and her trying to see how many fallen lemons she could fit into her bag. She talked and talked about how cool it is that we are both photographers, and said, “Mom! Isn’t it cool that we are BOTH working now?”. 🙂  And I gratefully realized right then and there that I was experiencing one of those true, joyful moments in life.

Of course she's a Canon shooter.....

Very discerning about which shots are "keepers".....

Working to get a shot of a hanging lemon.... Notice her cute "Shootsac"!

This is the picture she took! Not bad!

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DrewB - March 2, 2010 - 9:13 pm

Dear Sydney,

Miss Drew says to stop growing up. You are growing up too fast. Before we know it I’m going to be photographing your wedding! That scares Miss Drew.

You are such a beautiful little girl who is growing up into a beautiful young woman! Always stay your happy and fun self!

Miss. Drew

PS I can’t wait to check out that park. I’ve been waiting for it to open!
.-= DrewB´s last blog ..The Keyworth Family =-.

admin - March 2, 2010 - 11:38 pm

Dear Miss Drew, When you want to come to the park, can we all take pictures together? Also, what do you think I should do about Kenton? (he follows me around all the time)… I miss you! By the way, do you like the picture of the lemon I took? Love, Sydney

Grandma - March 4, 2010 - 9:38 pm

Sydney you are a doll. I love you soooo much. Practicing your photography with your Mom is great and lots of fun. Your lemon is perfect. Maybe each week you can see it age to yellow. Love Grandma

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