Gracie, Gracie, Gracie

When my oldest daughter, Sydney, got home from her first day of Kindergarten two years ago, all she could talk about was how she made a new best friend named Gracie. For weeks that was pretty much all we heard — Gracie, Gracie, Gracie. Then I was lucky enough to meet the rest of Gracie’s family on back-to-school night. Gail, Gracie’s mom, is kind, funny and has become a dear friend of mine. She is also an amazing mom to four (yes FOUR) kids. She has the kind of family you look at and want to know exactly how they do what they do to raise happy, polite, super-bright and well-adjusted kids. Gail keeps telling me that there is no secret… all I know is they’re doing something right!

I took these pictures of Gracie a while ago — due to technical difficulties (in other words, I was waiting for my 17″ MacBook Pro to arrive) I’m only getting to posting them now. It ended up being a mid-day shoot…. way too sunny, entirely too hot…. in other words, pretty bad conditions for shooting portraits. But with the help of some shady spots we were able to get some really cool shots I think!

I should say, too, that Gracie was so fun to shoot. She has great facial expressions and seemed to enjoy being a model. She did pretty much everything I asked her to do, except lean against anything that might have bugs on it (I don’t blame you, Gracie…).


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