Inspiration. And a Kick in the #$$ — Orange County Photography

This past weekend, we took the girls to the Orange County Fair. We had an awesome time trying new foods (um, fried Kool-Aid anyone?), riding rides and people-watching. The highlight for me was by far is the Visual Arts Exhibit. It is a huge exhibit of photography, painting, sculpture, digital arts, etc. The entries are by both amateurs and professionals, each offering up his or her unique and oftentimes dramatic view of their subject – from people, to landscape, to abstract.

And it was INSPIRING.

After my mom passed away last year, I have felt my creative-side… well, SRUGGLE for lack of a better word (that’s for another post). And this exhibit reminded me of why I LOVE photography so much – and in turn, how important photography is in my life. After seeing some of the incredible photographs, I felt that urge to get back out there and shoot for ME. To open myself up once again to the possibilities that it offers.

It may not feel like a revolutionary concept, but for me, it was just the kick in the #$$ that I needed.

Who knew that I could get so inspired at a place with chocolate-covered bacon and people on stilts acting like animals? 🙂

So my goal is to start shooting more photos, writing more blog posts… and to keep looking at photography that inspires my soul.

Feel free to pass along any links to photos that have inspired YOU!


This photo is showing off my new Canon 100mm Macro 2.8L…….   L-O-V-E.

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