It’s fall! (…kind of…)

Fall is my most favorite time of year. Growing up in the Midwest, the Fall season was MAGICAL. As a kid, you would go back to school, and within a few weeks the weather would become just a bit chilly, the leaves would change into intense shades of red, orange and yellow. And we would go to visit the cider mill.

Now these cider mills know how to do it up. Fresh baked doughnuts, freshly-pressed cider, apple pies… and of course crisp apples.

In Southern California last week we hit new temperature records. Downtown Los Angeles hit an ALL-TIME high of 112. Meaning it has NEVER been that hot before. Crazy. Here in the O.C. we hit around 108. And it’s been too hot for Fall ever since.

Today, we decided to take a trip to an apple orchard. It was a small orchard in San Bernadino county… and it was fun. But awfully hot, no cider, no doughnuts… but lots and lots of apples.

My kids, who are basically California kids now, thought it was really fun. They tried hard to find the reddest apples on the tree (which meant climbing on Daddy’s shoulders to get up high!). They had fun. Which is all that matters.

But I will take them back to Michigan someday… to a REAL cider mill… and God willing temperatures that reach only into the 60’s!!

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