Lewis Family Session – Orange County Photographer

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If you live in Orange County and you don’t know Kelly, you are most definitely missing out. For starters, she writes two awesome blogs – According2Kelly (her personal blog with fun ideas, crafts and great writing about motherhood, running and TONS of other unique things) and Just-Spotted.com (which is THE definitive source on everything you need to know about living in, exploring and experiencing Orange County). She is a crazy-smart businesswoman, an amazing wife and mother, an incredible athlete… and she does it all while being SO DARN NICE!

Kelly contacted me back in early January wanting to do a Valentine’s-themed photo shoot. I, of course, jumped at the chance to shoot her beautiful family! It was also a good excuse for me to let my “crafty” side out to create some fun Valentine’s props. And thanks to Pinterest (which if you haven’t already joined you should), I was able to create some really fun props to give the shoot the Valentine’s-inspiration I was looking for.

I had SO much fun on this shoot! The whole family came relaxed, smiling and ready to have fun… I mean, what’s better than that?

And have you seen a more beautiful family? Every one of them with the most gorgeous blue eyes!


And look at this little one… can she get any cuter? And her personality is so darn ADORABLE!

And these two were SO funny! See how Owen (on the left) has his hand clenched? That’s because every time we wanted to get him to smile, we would talk about Star Wars and light sabers… and he’s pretending hold his own light saber in that clenched fist!

This is one of my favorite shots….

These three were so sweet together. The boys so clearly adore their little sister….

Sometimes, don’t you just wish you could get up and DANCE!!!?? Love it!!

She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do…. 🙂

She was trying to smile like “Punzy” which stands for Rapunzel. Because she IS in fact, Rapunzel!!

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Even the dog was in on the fun!!

Thanks so much Lewis Family!







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[…] Just Spotted OC. Kelly ended up hiring me to do a super fun Valentine’s shoot for her family (you can see it here).  Kelly is friends with Elizabeth Esther who is this crazy smart, really funny and wickedly-great […]

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