Lochner Family

So I need to make this clear…. if you’re wondering if you can bring your dog on your shoot with me my answer is… YES!  I love dogs… did I mention I love dogs?  I mean what’s not to love… they’re lovable, fluffy, goofy and they love their people more than they love themselves. And those faces! Did I mention I love dogs? 🙂  At the end of the day people are more relaxed and chill when dogs are around which is exactly how you want people to be when they’re getting their pictures taken.

On this shoot I got to meet Milo, the Lochner’s newest family member. He is AWESOME. He’s a big, goofy ball of puppy fluff in the best way possible. And boy did he make this shoot fun!

And Milo fits in perfectly with the Lochner family – they are awesome, fun people.  And how good looking is this family?

Thanks Lochner Family!!

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