Macro Monday (valve handle) – Orange County Photographer

One of the things I love about shooting Macro is that it really puts you in the frame of mind to look more consciously at the world around you. Things you might just overlook – like an old, rusty valve handle – can become interesting, even beautiful. And many times when I get home and download my memory card, I am amazed at the detail that is captured. In the image below, I could see the cobwebs interwoven throughout the handle, but it wasn’t clear on my LCD display that those could be seen. But they were… and they add even more beauty and character to this old, forgotten relic.

There were a lot of angles I could have shot this, but I chose to shoot it with a green plant behind it (which is not even that big). It really makes the colors pop!


Canon 5d Mkii/100mm Macro 2.8L – f2.8, ISO 160, 500



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