Memory Walk 2009

My mother has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for some time now. And for some unknown reason, her cognitive function has been deteriorating at a much faster rate than what is considered normal (at least what her doctors know from the typical progression of the disease). If you know someone with Alzheimer’s, you know how truly horrible the disease is. If you don’t, trust me when I tell you that it is a disease you wouldn’t wish on anyone. It is beyond cruel how it robs you of your memories, your awareness, and your dignity. It breaks my heart to see my mother suffering like she is.

With most diseases, there isn’t much a family can do other than making sure your loved one is comfortable and well-cared for. And for most, waiting for a cure feels almost hopeless.

In doing research about my mom’s disease, I came across the Alzheimer’s Association of America’s website ( This is an organization dedicated to the eradication of this disease. And what I learned was that it is a progressive and fatal brain disease. As many as 5.3 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease and those numbers are projected to increase dramatically.

Through the website, I also found that there was at least something small I could do which was to participate in the Alzheimer’s Association’s Memory Walk. This year it was held locally at Cal State Fullerton (my alma mater!). I was fortunate enough to be joined by my husband, my girls, my father-in-law, and our friends Freddie and Julie (and Oliver!). It was an extremely emotional event for me, but also gave me a small sense of accomplishment in that I was able to help fundraise for this worthy charity — and through the donations of so many friends and family I was able to raise $1,375! The goal of this event this year was to raise $550,000… last I heard they were close to reaching that number.

In addition to my mother, Frances, we also walked in honor of my good friend Nicki’s grandmother, Mrs. Giesregen and Ron’s good friend Jim’s mother, Mrs. Landreth.

Thanks to all those that donated! You are in my heart!


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