Munson Family

Whenever I sit down to edit one of my sessions, I always start out with paring down the session to the images that I like the best. There are obvious ones to toss like those with people blinking or not looking at the camera. Then I toss all the duplicates that I get when I rapid fire when shooting kids. And then there are other shots that I toss because they don’t seem to fit the personality of the person or they don’t fit with the overall feel of the shoot.

This shoot with the Munson Family left me with SO MANY IMAGES to choose from! I really couldn’t help myself and ended up editing way more than I normally do because this family is just way too gorgeous and these girls gave me so much to work with!

Presley and Reagan are so sweet with each other. Little Reagan made me WORK for it to get her to smile, but it was like pure sunshine when she did! They are not only beautiful (check out those amazing blue eyes!) but they’re such sweet little girls. And Tiffany and Cameron are awesome, super chill parents (hence the fantastic kids!). Love getting to see this family every year!

Thanks Munson Family!!!

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