Vanessa’s Headshots

I LOVE LOVE LOVE headshot photography. It presents a fun challenge when it’s one-on-one with your client and your goal is to capture their personality and essence in an instant. In some ways it’s a more relaxed shoot, but in other ways it’s more challenging. But somehow it speaks to my favorite parts of portrait photography.

Vanessa couldn’t have been an easier subject to shoot! First of all she’s absolutely gorgeous. But secondly, her amazing personality just shines through when she smiles. To say she is a natural in front of the camera is an understatement. She exudes beauty, happiness and kindness.

She wants to get into the entertainment industry and I think she’s going to do great! Can’t wait to see what great things await her!

Thanks Vanessa!!!

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Baby Caden – Orange County Newborn Photography

What is it that they say? Life begins at the end of your comfort zone?

I don’t typically shoot newborns. It’s a pretty specialized area of photography and there are many photographers who do it really well. They have studios, the props, the hats, the slings, the pillows, the poses. And since I’m a natural light, lifestyle photographer it’s not something that I’ve ever been asked to do. Until now.

Jeff is a long-time friend from AGES ago when I used to work in advertising (man that was a fun time…). He contacted me after the birth of his son Caden and I recommended some local newborn photographers I respect. But after thinking about it, both Jeff and Candace decided they really wanted a casual, lifestyle-driven shoot in their home with Caden and not the typical posed newborn thing.

I’m so glad I said yes. This shoot was a blast. What an awesome thing to be invited into someone’s home during such a special time to witness the beginning of their new family life. It was an honor. And I enjoyed every minute of it!

Thanks Jeff, Candace and Caden! You make a beautiful family!


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Hayden’s Senior Session

So…. did you know that there are Redwoods in Orange County? Like ACTUAL Redwoods? Neither did I. But my awesome client Kari found this magnificent location tucked away in Yorba Linda. It’s part of Carbon Canyon Regional Park. And to say it was an awesome location is an understatement.

I always love shooting this family. I’ve done several family shoots over the years and two years ago I shot her older son AJ’s senior session, too. They are fun, sassy, irreverent, sweet and crazy all wrapped up in a unique and beautiful package. They make my job so dang fun.

Both AJ and Hayden are now playing for the North Stars Junior Hockey team in Minnesota. Which is so cool. And I know Kari is so proud, excited and over the moon happy for her boys!

Thanks Kari and Hayden for such a fun visit! Good luck Hayden! Love you Kari!

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Sarah’s Senior Session

95% of the time the weather in Orange County is damn near perfect. And as a natural light photographer, this makes my job a lot easier. I’m ALWAYS looking for the light. That warm, buttery, beautiful light that can give images such a magical feel. I have gotten so used to shooting with the sun that I had actually forgotten how awesome it is to shoot on cloudy days.

For this shoot we were hoping for sun, but instead we got a little of that June gloom. And it was fantastic. While I was editing these photos I was thinking… I need to get out more on those partly cloudy days. The feel of the shoot is certainly different than my typical shoot with sun, but I sure do love how these images came out!

It always helps when I have such awesome clients, too. Sarah is basically a rockstar kid… she’s beautiful, sweet, funny, polite and crazy smart. She was an absolute joy to shoot and made my job so much fun. She is off to the University of San Diego in the fall. I know she is destined for really great things in her future and I can’t wait to see it unfold!

Thanks Sarah! Best of luck!

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Lauren’s Senior Session

This time of year is always so busy for me and my family, but I’m always so excited to fit some senior sessions into my crazy schedule!

This one was especially fun since I’ve known Lauren and her family for what seems like forever. I’ve watched Lauren over the years grow into this beautiful young woman. She is a seriously-accomplished dancer, an awesome student (she’s going to CU Boulder in the Fall!) and incredible person. It’s always bittersweet watching these kids I’ve known for so long spread their wings and head to college, but I know Lauren is going to take the world by storm!

Good luck Lauren!!! Can’t wait to see great things from you in the future!!

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