Scott Family – Orange County Photographer

I know I always talk about how much I love my job. Being a professional photographer means I get to see families grow each year, capture meaningful memories, and have a blast while doing it. But what I also love is that I get to meet really  awesome new people and make new friends.

The Scott Family is one of my new clients this season and what a great family they are! Lisamay and Owen are two of the nicest, most laid back people… and they have FOUR children! As someone who grew up in a family of four, I usually think that a group of four kids is going to involve a lot of mayhem and crazy energy, but this was one of my easiest shoots I’ve ever had. The kids are as laid back as their parents, they are incredibly loving towards each other, and you could really see how they look out for each other. I especially loved seeing how the three older brothers watched out for their little sister… it’s such a beautiful thing.

Lisamay really wanted to shoot at the Lab in Costa Mesa because of the feel and vibrant colors – and the location completely matched this family’s personality. I really love when that happens.

Oh, and even their dog Django is laid back! He got in a few of the shots and worked the camera like a professional!

Thanks so much Scott Family! It was an honor to shoot your beautiful family!

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Saint-Onge Family – Orange County Photographer

The Saint-Onge Family is one of my oldest clients. And every year I look forward to our shoots together because I get to see how much everyone has changed – it really is so cool being able to document the changes families go through from one year to the next. In their very first shoot, Taylor looked like this:









The next year she looked like this:









Then she went and got herself a little sister and grew even more!









I also look forward to our shoots because this family is so fun… Kelly always coordinates the most gorgeous outfits for her girls (and gives me twinges of envy that I could never get my girls to wear such adorable clothes!). Taylor is just adorable and is such a wonderful big sister to Kendall. And a little tidbit about Kendall… when I spoke with Kelly before our shoot, she mentioned that Kendall was very “food motivated”. I thought she just meant that she liked candy. But does this kid LOVE her candy! And it worked like a charm to get her to smile! She is just so adorable and sweet. And her fiery red hair matches her personality, which just makes her that much more awesome.

So much love with this family. And it shows. And it’s such an honor to capture it.

Thanks Saint-Onge Family!!!!!!



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Keitel Family – Irvine Family Photographer

You might remember this beautiful family from a previous shoot (here). The last time I shot them they were only a family of three, and little Holly wasn’t even 2 years old. Now they’re a family of four with the adorable Fiona blessing their family! I love getting to capture families as they grow – especially when they are growing up with such great parents!

Holly is such a big talker now and loved telling me all about her preschool teacher. And Fiona loved the candy we brought, but she loved the little animal figurines we gave her even more… she played with them the entire shoot (you can see them in most of the shots with her). She was making her bear kiss Holly’s bear. I sometimes miss those times when my girls were this age…It’s such a precious time.

This shoot was so much fun and Syd and I got such a big kick out of getting Fiona to smile. But she finally let loose when her sister started screaming “easy extra cheesy!!”. 🙂   Simply adorable.

And I got to shoot in one of my favorite locations – just gorgeous color and light in the Fall!

Thanks so much Keitel Family! xoxo!


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Lewis Family Shoot – Costa Mesa Family Photographer

Last year, the Lewis family shoot was one of my favorites. Mainly because Kelly asked to do something different which was a Valentine’s Day theme. It was so fun to do something without the pressure of holiday cards and not in the midst of the pressures of the season. This year, Kelly scheduled me early for a fall shoot and wanted something different, fun and with a lot of color and energy. And she ended up choosing one of my favorite places to shoot – the Lab in Costa Mesa.

I love this place mostly because of the energy. The walls are awesome, and everywhere you turn there’s something new to see. And don’t get me started on the coffee shop there (the BEST in Orange County!).

It’s always great catching up with Kelly every year – she is one of those powerhouse women that seems to be able to do it all. I really admire her business sense and her ability to be a mom, a business woman, a social media star, and friend. She has such great things happening in her life, and as always, I love being a part of it.

And if you want to see some adorable looking children – look no further. Blue eyes and spunky personalities! Love these guys!!

Thanks Lewis family!!!




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Pinedo Family Shoot – Irvine Family Photographer

This was such a fun shoot for both me AND my kids! Jessica is a teacher at our school (and was my daughter, Kendall’s, first grade teacher). My kids insisted that they both help me out on the shoot, which really came down to them wanting to hang out with their beloved teacher outside of school.

Jessica is truly a gifted teacher and still holds such a huge place in all of our hearts. She was so patient, kind, understanding — and most of all, loving — to Kendall and was one of those rare teachers that can see the beauty and uniqueness in a child’s personality (especially a personality as big as my Kendall’s!). 🙂

It was such an honor and a pleasure to shoot her beautiful family. Her kids are awesome – Gavin is practically a professional model and would offer up poses for me whenever he felt I needed help (how awesome is that?). And that Emma.. she made me work incredibly hard for smiles (which I secretly love!) and was so much fun when we finally got her laughing. And Jessica… what can I say… you are just wonderful!

Thanks Pinedo Family!!! xoxoxo!!


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