Saint-Onge Family Portraits – Orange County Photographer

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I LOVE when I get to see families year-after-year and I can see how the kids are growing. You will probably remember this family from last year. Remember this little munchkin?


Well, I couldn’t believe how much she has grown in one year! Not only is she bigger, but her personality has just blossomed! Last year, it took a while for her to warm up to me and it was much harder to get her to laugh. This year, she was so fun! She talked to me about Minnie Mouse and her best friend, Lamby… She held my hand while we were walking… She was an absolute joy!

This is her now… all smiles!

She loves to dress up and get her picture taken!

Oh, and she found some pine cones that she loved. She kept smelling them and said they smell like chocolate (even though her mom said she’s never even had chocolate!) 🙂

I took more shots on this shoot than I have in a long time – this family is just so darn beautiful!




She loved decorating the mini Christmas tree! She especially liked the little gingerbread man ornament I had. Of course, it’s hers now… how can you say no to that face!! 🙂



You can their love for each other and for this precious little girl!

Thanks Saint-Onge Family! Here’s your slideshow!

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