Swanson Family Portraits — Orange County Photographer

(To see all the images from the shoot, you can watch the slideshow here).


This is a shoot that I look forward to every year – that’s because the Swanson family are great friends of ours, and Nicki is one of my closest friends. They are, in short — really awesome people!

First of all, they are California peeps (Aaron was born in Minnesota), but they are totally like Midwesterners…. they are so laid back and down-to-earth, they are really, really nice people, AND they love hockey! (Even though their team is the Anaheim Ducks, and NOT the much better, more talented Detroit Red Wings). 🙂

I always have such a good time when I shoot these guys… I always know that Aaron is going to pretend he doesn’t want to be there… Shane is going to make me work as hard as possible to get any shots of him, Kylie is going to be adorable, and Nicki and I are going to laugh through all of it.

Aren’t they a gorgeous family?


There is so much love in this family….



These two have an awesome marriage… so much love and respect towards each other.


And these two… they absolutely crack me up! Shane can be such a goof-ball, and it’s only a matter of time until Kylie joins in. It is so cool to see a brother and sister who get along like they do!


Shane is an AWESOME hockey player… he has some mad skills on the ice, and is one of those kids you look at and think you’ll end up seeing in the NHL someday (hopefully for a team like the RED WINGS, but I digress…). 🙂 He plays for the Jr. Anaheim Ducks Squirt team, and I was lucky enough to take some shots of the future Hall-Of-Famer!


And Kylie is a dancer at South Coast Performing Arts. She will probably be on Broadway one day and I’ll be able to say I knew her when! 🙂 Isn’t she the cutest?


These are two exceptional kids… from one exceptional family!


I am so lucky that I get to take pictures of people that I truly love! It’s the best job in the world!!!

Thanks Swanson Family! xoxoxo!

Here’s your slideshow!




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