The Gregers… Part II

So as I posted earlier, when I was in Phoenix I not only took picture of Big Syd, but I also took pictures of the entire Greger family.

This shoot was a bit of a challenge for me, I have to say. The park the family picked had absolutely no shade (apparently “shade” isn’t something that is plentiful in the desert I learned). I managed to get some of the family shaded behind a cactus tree, but even then it was tricky since the cactus is barely big enough to shade one person let alone an entire family. And is it just me or is the sun in Phoenix brighter, hotter, more intense and less flattering than the sun anywhere else on earth? I bet you there are studies somewhere that state exactly that.

I still was able to get some pretty cool shots of the family, thankfully. And I took some solo shots of the mom, Courtney, for her website as well.

Hope you like the shots, Gregers! See you soon! 🙂










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